Friday, May 31, 2013

The Importance of Unlikely People

Salah . . .Hear this and know . . . there will be people in your life who will be more important than your parents. They will be, most of the time, the most unlikely lot, but they will prove their importance to you over time. They will not have any interest in you deeming them important, they will not know. They will, simply over time, be the ones who ride parallel paths with yours, sometimes intersecting, sometimes not, but always there. All the while, having no idea they are as instrumental in shaping your life as they are. No one can know when these people will be met. Sometimes you will meet them early, sometimes later, but they are gifts.

Yet, having said this to you, realize many of you may spend the majority of your lives mulling over, sorting out, and trying to make some sense out of your relationships and memories of your parents. If you knew you would have others eventually more important, would you spend the same amount of time on working the puzzle of family in your head?

Either way, this is important, and so let it be said, there is no person, in any one role, with any one title, who is going to be the most important person in your life. Those that are will be unlikely, and you won't realize it right away. It will take time, my dears, for the pattern to be obvious. The interesting lives of those who are interested in their lives.

I AM Eve Is One

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