Thursday, June 27, 2013

Three Heavenly Substances

This is channeled material brought through as I AM EVE IS ONE, with Venus prominently in the Western sky at sunset

Three ingredients from the past brought here now to free you from the present, and ensure a happy healthy future. Three suns among the angels, the Holy Trinity, in Alchemy so named. The only Heavenly substances in Alchemy so named. The three heavenly substances are 1. Sulphur 2. Salt 3. Mercury

Forget your beliefs, and allow new alignment with the planets (Mercury, Venus, Neptune), with your chakra centers and with the new energies (healing, forgiveness, safety).

If the idea that Mercury, in whatever form it has naturally taken in your life (in teeth, fish) were a heavenly substance, and your body was able to deal in a fair way with it naturally, how would this transform your life? If it would improve your whole life, then I suggest you adopt this truth. If the idea that eating sulphur rich foods were a divine, heavenly practice, how would you feel when eating egg yolks, lentils and onions? If the idea that salt were the perfect accent to seafood (mercury) as well as your favorite sulphur rich dishes, how would you feel then? How would you feel knowing you could create as an alchemist, the perfect trilogy of heavenly blessings in your body?

Hold true, that you already possess the amount of mercury you were always intended to embody. Do not add more, but also do not be afraid of eating fish.

How would it make you feel if you knew you were a compatible vessel to consume and process Jewish, Catholic and Pagan practices, and in doing so, create heaven within your body? You would do this by actively celebrating your sacred sea salt, your sacred sulphur rich foods, and erasing the bad spell put on your mercury fillings. Think of your teeth instead as having a divine presence.

If you are married to your beliefs, you may want to consider a separation. The condemnation of your own mouth does not have a positive effect on you. The choice is yours. Which truth makes you feel better?

If you were heavenly just as you are, and it weren't necessary to submit yourself to radical dental procedures, how would you feel? If you could wear copper jewelry to balance out your current situation, wouldn't that be pleasurable and simple? Replace damaged and broken fillings with gold or as you see fit, but do not deconstruct functional fillings and teeth out of fear, my dear ones. This is counterproductive to health as well as compromising the natural threshold your body has for breaching its boundaries and unnecessary deadening of nerves en masse.

Mercury - Magic, understanding, number 4, manifesting, element Mercury
Neptune - Pisces (FISH), collective, turning beliefs upsidedown until alignment occurs
Venus - Balancing (Libra), Harmony, Alignment, Copper

Malign yourselves always and the turn of events? Malign to malignant and exit stage left.
Align yourselves always with what makes you feel best, and forgotten are negative spells of the rest.

Learning to live in harmony with all the elements in your universe rather than resisting, blaming, fearing and condemning, is always a positive step.

I AM EVE is One

malign - Evil in nature or effect: malevolent: "a malign influence"
Speak about (someone) in a spitefully critical manner.

malignant -
(of a disease) Very virulent or infectious.
(of a tumor) Tending to invade normal tissue or to recur after removal; cancerous.

align - Place or arrange (things) in a straight line.
Put (things) into correct relative positions.

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