Saturday, July 27, 2013

Channel Antarian, via EVE Featherstone

It is, and it shall continue to be intimate interactions with others which will make you most uncomfortable. There are other things which could make you uncomfortable, but for now, we are referring to intimate interactions with other physical humans. For, if you cannot interact openly with each other, how then do you intend to interact with extraterrestrials?

We are not asking you to stand close to or physically interact with those who really make you feel "less than excellent", we are only asking that you allow yourself to remain nearer in person to other persons who you have a connection to spiritually, telepathically, or whom you WANT to be nearer to but have not initiated the sequence. To initiate a sequence, such as this, simply recognize something about the other person which is similar to something you have, do, say, think, etc.

The rest can be very easy, and you needn't fill every second with words, and especially do not fill this silence with questions, because the questions may be unwanted arrows. If you just allow, the information you seek will come forth from the individual naturally. Too many connections are lost because one or the other feels uncomfortable in this void, this silence, this portal of interaction. Trust can be established simply by peacefully being in the company of another without saying anything. Do not offer anything, do not force the connection, it is a deep connection, and you would do well to simply wait for it to be drawn to the surface to meet you, as a jellyfish comes to the surface from the deep.

Sometimes we perceive your interactions as if you were scared to touch another, much as you would be scared to come in contact with a jellyfish. We receive ripples of amusement when we allow ourselves to be with this thought.

Allow the beauty of you to rise up out from your depths, and there, on the surface, with no sound or communication, your essence will be known and felt by the vibrational match of another, but your aspects of harmony are not all on the surface, so you must remain in proximity to each other for some time for it all to be known fully, and from that point, co-creation will take place, and you will then make contact with other things, thoughts, persons and situations which will expand your highest good. The next step in many other things will be handed to you like a golden key from this other person whose jellyfish have given rise to your being more easily in the sun.

Great quantities of gratitude for allowing us to linger with you in your visualization quadrants for long enough to share this experience. We are enjoying this immensely.

Antarian Collective
via EVE Featherstone

This is the first channel from the Antarians through EVE. For reference, Antares is in the Scorpius constellation.

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