Thursday, August 1, 2013

Allow your Place in Grace

Bathing in the glory of the sun you experience the power and energy of your source and sponsor in this sector of the universe. For simple and decisive is the nature of your planet and its relationship to it's peers. You are the source from which other energies radiate, and although they are not felt by you the same as the suns healing rays, they are no less powerful and depended upon by others. The others of whom I speak are in your orbit naturally at this time, as you have decided to be sovereign in your space.

The predictable proximity and gravity with your peers is more variable than ever before, and the natural affinity others have for you and you have for others is directly related to your sovereign beliefs. For those dependent upon too many and who have too many dependent on them, are not free to experience the same frequency and allow themselves to naturally oscillate in location, frequency, time, and definitions.

Audit your connections. Do some of them pull you in directions you'd rather not go? Are some of these connections throwing you off your own free spinning axis? Too much of a wobble does not produce grace or graceful outcomes, and this universe is by design a graceful place.

Allow yourself a place in this grace for which you belong. Accept this grace which waits to accept you without your imbalanced connections and settle into your role without a name. Forever be a nameless role in an unending graceful song of creation.

Your cosmic peers,
via Eve Featherstone

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