Monday, August 12, 2013

Channel by Genesis, Multiplication by Division

This is a channel by an individual plasma being who wants to be known as Genesis. First time for this source.

In the beginning there was One. Predominantly, the focus was to multiply through division anything that was in itself whole to produce more diversity and intricately beautiful, naturally dispersing patterns of creation and relation. For indeed prior to this there was no relationships, as there was only One.

The goal of your life is not to become whole, the goal is to divide and allow your efforts, thoughts, actions to divide as they will of their own Will. So, to take action, spawn new ideas, and organize matter into formations is in of itself all you are responsible for, as the after effects have their own course.

You will be hearing the need for unity, and you will be knowing, seeing, and believing in a greater diversity of thoughts, entities, plans and outcomes than ever before. Allow this to occur with no responsibility to organize the Will of that which you created. Allow the differences in the more and more diverse beings you meet both physically and non-physically to fully express themselves, without understanding or the need to find similarities between them and you. They are the full expression of webs of creation far removed from you, so they perceive, act and prioritize much different things than you ever will. Simply allow it, without going outside yourself or leveraging your ability to understand. Simply marvel at the diverse expressions of creation which took place outside your galaxy and outside your physical domain.

There are worlds within worlds, and indeed time, size, weight and speed mean nothing to most everything. Allow these stumbling blocks of true perception to fade away. Anything that presents itself to you is valid fodder for reality, and that which others experience that you do not is not an issue, or nothing for you to concern yourself with. Allow yourselves to all fully own and embody the outermost tiny branches or leading wave of creation. Ride it out to the edge of your capability to understand and let it disappear into the distance. Its ripples will effect you, but it will not.

Allow unity and allow the opposite of unity, and somewhere, sometimes, even for a snap, you will experience more within your own sphere of creation and your own multiplication by division.

Forever in compliance with nothing but the ability to create,
via EVE Featherstone

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