Friday, August 2, 2013

Channel Christ Consciousness Grid, Outside of Good

painting by Raphael, The Blessing Christ, High Renaissance, oil on wood

For in the beginning you believed yourself outside of the fold of good as you naturally behaved as a child. For in the end you lack reputation and fulfillment, yet you persist in following the doctrines which pronounced you a failure and pronounced your successes as not enough. Where then lies fulfillment in this culture? Does anyone in fact feel the fullness of their potential? Not in what you're doing, not in what you're thinking, not in what you're praying for, not in the evidence which is before your eyes either. So, why then live on? Why then choose to get up in the morning?

If the latter are questions in your mind, think not of your past, but think of your own rebirth, and examine how your life doesn't resemble your upbringing, so why then do you measure yourself by the measurements of confinements which aren't in your vicinity?

Why not measure your worth as a sum of all the pure intentions you've had. Why not give up on succeeding in this culture, and instead, succeed at your own game. The game you design today, and the first page of the design is simple. Feed yourself well, take care of your immediate surroundings and say "who cares?" to the rest, for is it even real? If you repel some or all in the meantime, isn't that OK too? Who Cares? You care, You care for yourself, and as you do this, you expand slowly to your immediates, and your vital belongings, and you play. You play well with yourself at the games you design.

Simplify for yourself and for all others. Then you may begin to live with purpose. A natural purpose, which is only to sustain the balance you've newly created. Simple. Beautiful, by design.

Christ Consciousness Grid
via EVE Featherstone

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