Saturday, September 7, 2013

Channel, Arthur, The Arcturian, The Butter of Morning

In the soft flattering light of the early morning of day, you forget your doubts, you forget your fears, and you are filled with potential. You are in an early cosmic morning, my dear friends, and your shift to this vibration will make your "new" self healthier. Your old self is dead.

Give away the belongings of your dead self, and bask in the freshness of its absence.

The color of this new morning is soft butter yellow. Gentle and allowing, it generates growth in all it touches, and well being in its wake. All the colors are different in this new cosmic morning. Look for them in your daily lives, and proclaim "this is a new color unto me, and I align with its creation potential".

Movement into this new sector of the vesica pisces is what this is all about. Center all your chakras within this, and know you are every bit sacred, and every bit of your best shall be used to digest this truth.

I will assist in filling you with hope each of your mornings, as you duplicate these into a new morning of the whole of your life and indeed all of humanity.

Arthur the Arcturian
today speaking as EVE Featherstone

*fare-thee-well - A condition of utmost perfection

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