Monday, September 16, 2013

Channel Arthur, The Arcturian, Myriad of Realities

In the midst of change, plays a myriad* of realities. All of these realities are vying for validation from your mind, as well as vying for manifestation. The more open and relaxed you remain, the more naturally the best possibilities will float into place. The more restricted your vibration is, the fewer of the best possibilities will be allowed to float into place. On a certain level beyond your perception, the best possibilities are "larger" or "longer" in vibration, and they require more "space" to move and settle. They also require a little time and "void" to settle properly, but not an uncomfortable amount in Earth time, but let's just say they aren't "instant manifestations".

Knowing the orchestration is at work will calm and protect you in the meantime. To occupy your mind, continue to be very decisive in your dealings with what you will have and what you will not have in your life.

Rather than keeping tabs on your progress, the way we see it is to monitor your expansiveness in any given moment of now. This is a multidimensional perspective of progress, not a linear one. Please adjust your expectations accordingly.

Arthur, The Arcturian
via EVE Featherstone

*myriad - countless or extremely great number
chiefly in classical literature, a unit of 10,000

**fare-thee-well - a condition of utmost perfection (from the song 10,000 miles)

NOTE FROM EVE: I don't know why or what the "coincidence" of 10,000, fare-thee-well, and myriad had to do with each other, it is a triad of structure that I don't yet understand, but it is worth noting. These channels are very specific in their wording and definitions. More specific than humans often are.

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