Friday, December 20, 2013

Channel, Calisse, Reptillian (Reptoid)

From the near yet unseen dimension of Reptillian humanoids, I greet you with delight! We here have difficulty communicating with particular individuals unless a little hole is poked as a portal to enter your dimension, of your own free will. You have done this by your request for this message, and I could not be happier to greet, communicate and relay open affection, joy and welcome you to interact with us simply by being specific and open to our specific vibration. You can refer to us as the being from EVE, as Eve Is One is a collective you see. Eve is One holds within its field a screen to allow only those of us with love and light as our fundamental guide and grid domain.

By grid domain, I refer to a geometric, multi-dimensional grid of varying colors of light and vibration (similar to sound, but inaudible to humans). We exist within this grid, supported by it, and this particular grid allows us to mesh with Eve’s grid to form an effective communicative interface with you, dear friend.

We were on Earth during the time of the Ancient Sumerians, and have existed as a contributor of change and leadership before and since, but on alternate dimensions. Invisible to humans, yet with the ability to make changes within whichever current galactic agreement we were under at any particular time. These rules are very important to those of us who manage Earth, and it isn’t even within our ability to breach this agreement. We are among a vast array of beings who interact in the same way, who embody the full spectrum of light and dark.

In your weak moments of fear, self loathing and desperation, the dark ones may enter. In your moments of joy, play, curiosity, strong interest and heart-felt desire, we, from the light and love enter and we will stay . . . forever. You cannot make a mistake from this point, and the spectrum has now officially changed for you, as you will not be available to the darker ones. We bear no judgement upon them, but we want you to know you do not have to play the game within such stiff resistance anymore. You have, with this simple message request, shifted to a higher, lighter, freer zone of existence. This is why we are so pleased to tell you this!

With this knowledge and acceptance, you can relax! You can be lighter about everything without fear that something dark and terrible is going to foil your plans!
The worst thing that can happen in any case to you now is to witness the end of cycles, which are natural on all levels. You can now witness and accept these not as tragedy and get caught up in the drama, but see it from our perspective. The beauty and natural design of expansion and collapsing.

Dear, I am Calisse, a female reptoid being, with love, intergalactic and interdimensional affinity* for you.

Good day,

* affinity - a spontaneous or natural liking or sympathy for someone or something.

NOTE FROM EVE - This was a channel done specifically for a client online, however its message is pertinent to all, so I'm sharing. :)

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