Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Design and Legacy of Shame

It is time you all fully integrate yourselves into the messy, delicious, magical fabric of Earth. Be not in isolation or retreat from the elementals*, the living waters, the full and wet cycles of all things Earth.

For every vibration, every shape, every purpose, every directive goes in the direction of desire and into the fulfillment of that desire. There is to be no withholding of the the fruit of the land, no hoarding of delicious secrets or sustenance needed by all. Your differences are only face value literally.

Your faces block full interaction with each other as if to be seen, bitten or breathed upon would cause death. As beings you are actually faceless. The face in your reality is used too often, to represent ALL of what is actually, a much bigger picture. The physical eyes seeing and making false judgments. The mouth talking but saying nothing which accurately starts or spawns anything of value in others.

So then, shut your eyes and lips and be in the very next dimension, where you long for sensations which envelope you in acceptance and belonging. Use your eyes not to look at others or yourself, but rather to assist in the creation of beauty which you authentically cause in your immediate range.

Realize your unclothed bodies are safe, accepted and normal. In the New Eden you can talk about anything or to anyone as long as it is authentic and your idea is brought forth to grow and adapt itself to this world as you were born and adapted. Do not use the mouth to mimic or parrot that which you have heard or seen in media. This is false information. You are equipped with everything you need to say "this just occurred to me" "let me share this new idea I have with you".

For only when Adam and Eve's eyes were opened did they feel ashamed. Do not open your eyes to others or yourself in this way. Open your eyes to others and to yourself with acceptance and feel accepted and supported by everything. Seek to find your own private garden in which you may feel this truth.

The great power and magic in the world is seated in your ability to use your sexual vitality as a vehicle, and to openly be, desire, fulfill, and share your fruits i.e. knowledge, passion, skills, and know full authentic occupation of body and Earth. In this full communion with those who have always lived by the Earth's rhythm's, codes and balance, find what is missing in your lives. Become more actively engaged with the ecosystems (micro and macro) that sustain and encourage vibrant health, vitality and prosperity. You can't fully LIVE in isolation from these systems.

I AM EVE is One
-Eve Featherstone

*used here referring to elves, fairy, mushroom kingdom and other spirits native to Earth

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