Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Sheep's Heart is All

As the routine masses
Fill their minds with knowledge
And the enlightened learn from
The gurus who've taught this

I cut the tendrils of following along
I end my subscription of updates too long
I send a clear message I AM ONE, I AM EVE
I don't need a stone tablet that states my reprieve*

Don't expose then commit the same wars and crimes
Don't hit me with secrets that let live the lies
Don't tell me you're special, then use for your own
Don't spell out what questions that I know alone

I set out a sheep who developed the roll
Of leading through difficult paths and steep tolls
Only to learn that the sheep's heart is all
Only to sit and observe Oneness small

channeled through -Eve Featherstone

*reprieve - cancel or postpone the punishment of

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