Saturday, August 22, 2015

Coded for Progress

You are coded for progress
Coded to see
Coded to know about
Scan and make free

Free from your parents
Free from all crutches
Free from explaining
You know and it crushes

The need to try it
Or buy it or smoke it or taste
You need not fall for
The tangible fake

For all it was saying
Is there are more ways
There is another plane
Not for the "sane"

It is for mavericks
Who stray from the herd
Who started to need more
Than money or words

So take the bounty
Of what you can feel
For that's all that matters
And it will be your shield.

Eve Featherstone

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is about the new ability for you to benefit from the lense of substances or time periods without having to physically experience them or "be there" in time, space or close proximity. You need only stop, focus, and "be" that which presents itself to you as an interest, obsession or curiosity. You don't need to do it, be there, or get permission from anyone. The codes are there, inside YOU, and so allow your mind's eye to decipher them for you. You can do this. You are the new Magi.

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