Sunday, August 9, 2015

You are an Island

Our ego, is what most often shapes how we feel about ourselves. The most important idea or concept I can pass on to help others is the following.

You are an island. No matter what circumstances you are in, you can't help but emit your own unique signal to all in your range and beyond what you can perceive as your range.

Continue to function in your own way, as you always do, no matter what without feeling sorry for yourself, or becoming preoccupied with admiring yourself.

Recreate an enjoyable or time passing way of 'process' until the always temporary circumstances pass.

Do not become an aphid of self pity for an unseen army of ants to feast, but instead, go into a systemic stasis of "interesting process" until everything shifts back in your favor.

You can be moved from situation to situation while maintaining your own strength and default balance. Your emotional and therefore intellectual center of gravity will outlast all less than ideal circumstances. Your own guidance may remove you from circumstances at will and transplant you to a better place to thrive as many times as you wish. You may also choose to remain where you are. It is you and you alone who decide this separate from all others.

So keep on emitting your own adorable "way of being", and remain strong in your heavy, unmovable center of gravity. You will remain intact. You will come out the other end. It is the guaranteed way of surviving all the stages of life with grace and self secured peace.

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