Monday, January 11, 2016

The Joy that is Me

Don't wake me I'm dreaming
Of lightness and loft
Of brightness and angels
Of fairies and moths

Don't wake me I'm comfortable
Here in the nest
Fine tuned and balanced
I just want to rest

Oh wait, you've come back for
Especially Me?
You've waited and hovered
You've prepared me to leave?

Oh Beauty! Oh Glory!
I now understand!
I'm perfect and flawless
I've taken your hand!

Acceptance and lovely
Sounds never heard!
Now I see Colors,
Banjos and Birds!

Joy Celebrates Me!
My purpose was true!
My heart is rewarded!
I now don't need words!

Kelly V.o.e.l.k.e.r as Eve Featherstone

NOTE FROM AUTHOR: I wrote this to express the experience of my father passing. Since his death, I have been filled with a joy and power that it would serve no one to hide. If it subsides from my energy field slowly, I will deal with the human experience of it as it comes. If the accounts of love from a father to a daughter have been reconciled with love, then surely I will only be improved and enhanced with the life force he imparted to me to send a final message joy to you all. My Daddy and I are square! (even, completed, satisfied, proud, and free to expand in different realms from now on)

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