Saturday, February 27, 2016

Doubting Life's Prime Motivators

If romantic love and hormones
Were removed from stage
Would we direct notions
Toward how we spend our days?

How the mind and purpose
Do not always meet
How bodies naturally age well
Without artifice and deceit

Would we choose our partners
For friendship and for fun
Would we need a partner?
Would we be fine with none?

Would we be more capable
Emotionally and sane?
Would we create magic
Would we seek out fame?

Would egos be a problem?
Infidelity would have no home
Introspection and opportunity
Without fences now could roam

The word 'would' queries* options
We cannot let fly
Because our lives are
Led by hormones and
Romantic love which die

Eve Featherstone

*query - verb. ask a question about something, especially in order to express one's doubts about it or to check its validity or accuracy

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