Sunday, April 24, 2016

Oxytocin Adoration Fantasy and June

"In Love!" she said
While changing friends
In disguise as a
Different kind of girl

"In Love!" she said
While doting, dreaming
Focused on some
Dramatic painful end

"In Love!' she said
While feeling low
Ugly and alone
A combination of
admiration dosed
With a hormone

Oxytocin, adoration
Fantasy and June
All combined to
Cauterize rational
Behaviors true

Conduct switched from intellect
To survival games so rough
Twisted into destiny
Concerned only with "Love"

via Eve Featherstone


  1. So is it "The Love" we seek that makes us who we are, or is it that we seek to be "The Love" we want???. Un-met expectations have the Best of me again & I'm not even sure if it's the relationships that are failing me or me failing Me~

  2. Maybe the only failing is that ending is failed? What did you gain from the relationship? What if we Loved and released freely upon request? ♡♡♡