Saturday, September 2, 2017

What is Real - Channel Anubis

The time for advanced refinement is here . . .if you desire it.

What is real?  Some may say Love, Light, Friendship, etc.

These answers are true on some levels, but if you seek a deeper truth, you may enjoy meditating on the following.  If it doesn't resonate, that is perfectly fine.  It isn't for everyone.  Only some, who are unexpectedly ready for it.

There are 3 things that are real.  Among those are light and beauty.  Beauty seems more real than light, as light is mostly invisible to humans.  Most light can only be sensed by parts of your involuntary anatomy.  Your conscious self can sense only a small part of light, which is visible.  Again, most light is invisible.  Light can transmit messages, and information.  This technology is currently used throughout society.  You can choose to receive information from light.

Love is not real.  A more accurate description of love would be recognition.  This deep recognition is related to beauty, but not visually.  This recognition and beauty is perceived more by means of unconscious, deep responses to another.  You are invited to experience recognition and beauty in a different way, after meditating and pondering this new information.

There is one more thing that is real, and that is your specific point of consciousness, which is unique, but part of a omnipresent consciousness.

So it is YOU (as a unique point of consciousness, but part of omnipresence) LIGHT (mostly invisible) and BEAUTY (undefinable)

All that you presently have the opportunity to interact with either shares recognition with you or does not.  It may simply be that you have not noticed these opportunities before.  With a limited Earthly, Human range of perception and geographical location, you are privy to only some of omnipresence, and for perpetuity will be exploring and recognizing.  You can experience recognition from plants, textures, people, animals, situations, symbols and from within your own contemplation.  This last way, is a portal of creation should it be expressed.

via Eve Featherstone

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