Thursday, October 5, 2017

Ara Pa - To Beat Again - I AM Eve Is One

I am honored to have been chosen to facilitate the healing of my hometown community.  From distrust, disharmony and disbelief, came I to this position of solemn awareness and calling.  I AM Eve is One.

My Pow Wow Drum now symbolizes the Great Shift from the Eagle to Condor, from war and violence to peace, understanding, compassion and Oneness.  At this level all who are here understand.  At this level all who do not understand are forgiven and understood.  I AM Eve is One.

From distrust, disharmony and disbelief may you be delivered.  Engage and participate in the ceremonies which are as One with your own heartbeat.  These ceremonies are as One with your own Sun.  Your heart and sun are merciful and created as life-giving centers of existence.

Abide by their teachings and listen closely for their wisdom.  The mind (eagle) changes to heart (condor).  Blend and harmonize with what you were and what you are.  This will take surrender to what was and what is.  Humbly accept this as your truth.

After this acceptance you may then blend others of the present and future to strengthen, brighten and support your endeavors.  Your heart knows what, where and when.  Do not allow the mind to overpower the will of your heart especially now.

In a whole, full, rounded and deeply resounding prayer of the ages and in timelessness, I leave you in peace and comfort.
All is well.

I AM Eve is One
via Eve Featherstone

NOTE:  This summer while my drum was being created, I was asked by the elder making it to name it. I knew instantly the name was Ara Pa.  I looked up the meaning of this etymology-wise, and it was 'To Beat Again".  The fitting nature of this name was validation and continues to give me joy.  The feelings of this joy were elevated before during and after the creation of the drum, but could not be remembered until after the ceremony was finished, and all psychic accounts were reconciled.

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