Saturday, February 10, 2018

Flower of the Woman - The Ethereal Pollination of Joy - Eve Featherstone

What does the flower of the woman blossom into?  You may say air and sunshine, but these only encourage the opening.  The thought of water will get you closer to the idea, but it is the Water of Life, which is an invisible but not rare aspect of our existence here on Earth.

This Water of Life behaves like water, but is an ethereal* plane of existence.  Chi and the movement of chi is a good way to visualize it.  This Water of Life occupies all the space between all that we can perceive, and it is by location and definition EVERYWHERE.

By EVERYWHERE, I mean the entirety of quantum entanglement connecting everything here with everywhere else.

The Flower of the Woman then, with:
1. the attraction of it's stamen and nectar
2. simply the free will of the woman

can explode ethereal pollen to:

1. other flowers of other women
2. the immediate space of each woman exploding
3. all Creation

through the Water of Life.

If not bees and butterflies, then by what means shall the catalyst act?

The catalyst shall become an action in this realm by encouragement from Earth, Air and Sun.  The final catalyst in this quantum view of an Earth Woman's Flower, would be the trickling of the Water of Life.

The trickling of the Water of Life shall feel to the woman as a butterfly landing (long wished for and realized).   The fluttering shall then also be a catalyst for infinite trickles of the Water of Life starting from the butterfly trickling through the woman's Earthly body, but exploding the ethereal pollen of joy on a route that only the entire ocean of water could know.  The ocean would then send birds, and the birds would inspire thoughts and feelings sent forever and beyond our awareness and perspective.

Channel Queen of Cups
via Eve Featherstone

ethereal - extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world.

Symbolism Associated with these concepts:  
cups running over into other cups
eternally flowing fountains recirculating the water from pump to gravity forever
fountains of women pouring water from vases into larger bodies of water

NOTE:  I did not get a name from the source of these concepts.  The Queen of Cups in Tarot is the closest symbol or character which matches this vibration.  It is so all encompassing, it is impossible to isolate it.

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