Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Channeled Poem, Silk Purse, 3-22-2011

I stop what I'm doing,
only to hear,
the distant birds
singing their songs
just as clear,
as the melody
twinkling from
all of the stars,
and planets we hear
in our hearts from on Mars.

The jubilant warrior
is charging full force.
The scorpions scurry
my power is horse.
The untamed wild
mustang is awakened in me,
as uplifted and light
I dance through the trees.
Gaia is calling
and we can all hear,
the voices of ancient ones
bounce off the mirror.

So smell the bordello
and sniff the silk purse,
the goddess is wanting
to rule and not nurse.
The velvet envelope
holds you inside with
firm hands and soft cheek
she calls, and you glide.

Rest easy you kind ones
and never once fear.
Gaia is not one to
cancel her cheers,
from the stewards and
native ones who tried to say,
we shouldn't have separate
minds but One way.

Only One assignment
Only One job
To be in love totally
and never to rob,
the nests of others
who prepare with kid gloves,
and patiently wait
with their hearts glowing Love.


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