Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Poem channeled for New Sexuality 3-22-2011

A new stage of consciousness
arrives indiscreet
to blast out the old one
who melts in defeat.
The middle class game of
such lust and deceit,
has been easily replaced
by freedom and relief.

Trust and freedom
ride in with power,
to fill everyone
with true love
at last hour.
An angelic rush
through one's body is felt,
and a blow to this paradigm
the end it is dealt.

So continue with true honor
raising your young,
for the new sexuality's
bell has been rung.
Fear not for ruin
at every long glance,
at the object of beauty
has you in its trance.

No more sad shame,
and no more dishonor,
feed your soul often
with quelled passion's power,
then release with great joy
at the perfect time near,
as the purity is obvious
and true in its sphere.

Honor your obelisk
and nurture your flower,
the sacred song sings
of the torch and wet tower.
The stargate is welcoming
you in its door,
the bliss of sweet nectar
is what lies in store.

Drink of your lover
and swallow with light,
the essence of sour
is not what you might,
taste in your moment
of true waking life,
the serpent of ages
is alive in your flight.


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