Thursday, March 24, 2011

Channeled Poem of Ascention 3-24-2011

Forgotten and forlorn,
you've trudged through your life.
The burden of drama
and money breeds strife.
The chains have been cut
by laser bright light,
and your heart bursts
forth jubilant
with a halo of white.

Your table is full of
bounty and life.
Open your eyes
to the succulent knife
that stabs into sustenance
not what it was.
Only the joy of your
benevolent cause,
fills you with wholeness
and cures all your ails,
goodness is powerful
expedient rails,
to sustainable purity
and triumphant tales.

With the knife
you are holding
the key to your sigh
of freedom and laughter
lets loose of your ties.
The cords of attachment
suck all the juice,
out of innocent hearts
and hard working boots.
Play 'til your tired,
and love 'til your spent.
Your sadness is gone,
can you tell where it's went?
Back to the other world
you've left behind,
to recycle the struggle
that isn't your kind.


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