Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lighten Your Load, Channel of Whheeesshh! 2

Whheeesshh! 2
Greetings, I am Whheeesshh!  Close your eyes and imagine a slow moving mist moving from the sea, up the shore, up the hillsides, eventually blanketing all the happy folks and plants and cozy houses.   All the creatures and structures slowly take in the vapor from the sea.  This is the vapor of expansion.  Practically speaking for humans, how is this expansion done?  Easy.  Here is a short, simple list of household items you may use to grow yourself a healthy, happy self.
Item to expand/Item to do the expansion for you
Cells: Consume WATER
Mind: Consume THE SIGHT, SMELL, FEEL of your immediate surroundings
Body: Consume LESS dense foods.  (soups, salads, fruits, fish)
Heart: Say my name out loud . . . .Whheeesshh!  Laugh & breathe afterwards

LIGHTen your Load

Unburden your cells and body by starting and maintaining periodical, internal cleansing rituals.
Unburden your mind by allowing and/or inserting expansion,  and sequential spaces, pauses, into your schedule and routine.  Take a vacation from your habits, routines, productivity, vigilance, tidiness, and planning.   As if writing a paragraph, go back and insert the punctuation of your life’s paragraph.  Insert page breaks, chapter headings,  double space your communication, double space your eating, double space your responses.  Don’t respond instantly to people’s queries . . . pause . . . and then answer from your higher place.  Frequently answer questions by saying “ I don’t know.”  Then allow a lengthy or perpetual pause to follow.
If your life were a lawn, have it aerated.  Pull out a grid of plugs in your routine and habits so new, fresh thoughts, habits and “no routine” are the routine.  Insert yourself into other people’s aerated plugs.  Grow into their routine.  
Aerate your internet web of contacts.  Eliminate contacts who don’t make you feel joyful when you see their emails or posts.  Eliminate those who you edit yourself to avoid disturbing.  Eliminate those who would judge your new “non-routine”.  After these unfriendly particles are removed from your turf, allow other beautiful beings into your plugs.  Let them root, feeding you information, new ideas, new subjects, new books, new music, and your internet will then become a thriving ecosphere of wonder, inspiration, growth, and freshen you from the soul outwards. 
Pause now, read no further.  This is necessary for your spirit and mind to knit you a new, beautiful WAY.

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