Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Adding Expansion to your Life, Channel by Whheeesshh! 3

Whheeesshh! 3

Greetings, I am Whheeesshh!  Set the intention with this passage to expand your BEINGness beyond the restrictions of your body.  Inflating the vision you have of yourself to one of LIGHTness.  Take your existence as an Earth being, to a different level of presence.   Increase your ability to step beyond gravity and time.   Introduce expansive words,  which will allow you to instantly reach a higher vibration.   Here is a list of expansive words for you to enJOY at will.  Leave an interval of appreciation and imagery between each.  How do they make you feel?  What do you envision?
You may have already realized these words indicate a freedom from conventional space and time.  They seem to escape confinement and situations.  They are immune from rules and boundaries normally associated with being sedentary.   They embody a slow motion smoothness and ability to move beautifully. 
Imagine the shape of an almond.  Imagine the cat’s eye.  Imagine the shape of a human eye, opening and closing slowly.  Imagine a contented cat blinking slowly as it gazes at you, or lays in the sun.
Now close your beautiful almond shaped eyes, and imagine inserting almond shaped spaces in everything.  They can start as short lines and expand into almonds if you wish.  They open and close easily and at will, each doing so in no particular pattern, but overall, when all of these almond shapes are slowly opening and closing they appear to make the structure they are within, breathe.  Imagine a loofah sponge.  Imagine a homemade slice of bread. 
Now let’s envision a giant tumble weed, slowly tumbling, rolling, bounding over fences, crossing roads, and being nearly weightless.  A tumbleweed does not behave like other plants.  A tumbleweed to a desert bush, is as wood is to a tree, but wood does not tumble or move.  It remains where it fell.
Now let’s envision foam.  Sparkling, opalescent bubbles connected, moving, holding their groupings, splitting off into smaller groupings, spinning .  . . .  foam does not behave as the liquid from which is came.  It behaves as something entirely different, as it is filled with expanded cells of air.
Envision your Earthly body expanding with opening and closing, breathing modules of golden light or air . . . envision yourself tumbling, rolling, bouncing out of your position, and across the terrain, over the horizon, bumping into, catching the wind, pushing around, moving quickly over expanses, but visually moving in slow motion.
As Earth humans in your daily lives, you may view images of yourself in situations and particular places. Whenever this reality of yours is anything less than blissful, repeat my name . . . Whheeesshh! 3 times, and leave space between the repetitions.  Then choose your favorite words from above.  Repeat those in your head, and use them as a magic carpet.  Expand your body with almond shaped cells to embody the lightness you require to transcend the less than blissful state, and quickly move from body to spirit.
Feel your own beautiful, almond shaped eyes open and close blissfully, as the contented cat in the sun.
Feel yourself become lighter and lighter, all the way from your core to your skin.  Notice any areas which are difficult to lighten, and send them golden light or expansive spirit.   
Insert as many of these mini-meditations into your body of daily life, and you will enLIGHTen.
Pause here, without reading further.  You require this  expanse and break for the highest good of your spirit.

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