Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Poem of Ascention State 3-30-11

In my ascention
I feel light at heart
my day is momentous,
but never does start.
It finishes in between
periods of dream,
and starts again
effortless from where
I'm not keen.

The shuffling of time,
the quilting of thoughts,
which smokescreen
reality of duty and boss.
My dream is the future,
my dream is right now,
at night my dream shadows
my life until dawn.

So never keep track,
and judge yourself not,
for in ascention the truth
is not firm and not bought.
Create in your mind,
the reality of heaven,
and dream the details
of this bread as it leavens.

I'll leave of this passage
as if it were woven,
and continue in truth
as the goat's hoof is cloven,
over cliffs and narrow passages
frought with sharp turns,
I won't look behind me
and watch as it burns.


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