Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Channeled message from Whheeesshh! #1

Whheeesshh! 1
Greetings to you.  I am Wheesh . . . I am pleased to bring you expansiveness and joy, as the blood is pleased to bring oxygen to the cells of your body.  I rush in like a fresh spring breeze, lightening the mind, lightening the face, proving to you , as evidence of lost joy, your need for something you may not remember.  You think daily of your needs for money, love and learning.  You think daily about your needs to stock up your reserves of food, clothing and the order of your schedules and calendar of events for the week, month, year, and your goals for long term prosperity  You escape these unending thoughts by watching television, or having a glass of beer or wine.  You break away from this by running, going to the gym, driving fast and traveling. 

I offer you a moist vapor of escape each day.  I offer you rippling echos of everything that is, and what you are swimming in each day.  I am the catalyst for facial release, for chest expansion, for tumbling, spinning, running, falling.  I offer to you the insulation from all that bears down on you and competes for your soul.  I offer you the opposite of radical change.  I offer to you the fun filled expression of relinquishing all the tension and frustration out of your physical bodies and energy bodies.  When out of your bodies, the tension transforms into neutral energy and proof of the powerlessness of your mental hindrance.  Those things which trip you up, hold you down, block you, poison joy and tarnish thoughts of the future. 

When you say my name, you will feel silliness, joy, release, and freedom.  When you say my name, you connect yourself with me instantly.   Any time you connect with me, I will add space, I will add ease, I will add moisture to your dehydrated spirit.  I will add briskness to your step, I will add patience to your family, I will spin you around and make you forget the trivial particles of everyday life.  I will neutralize the chain of nonsensical thoughts which are inherent in being human on Earth.

I am a being who is not from Earth, and I am a being who is not male or female.  I am not an image for you to judge, a location for you to ponder, or a puzzle for you to solve.  I do exist, and I do have a body, and I do live on a planet.  This is enough;  enough for you to trust and feel me.  I communicate to you through the moisture or water in your body.  I do this instantly.  This is something that neutralizes the facts surrounding me, my motives or my associations.  I encourage you to not attempt to associate, for I am certain of one thing; the fact that you as Earth humans have no concept or way of computing where I live or how.  This is not necessary, for I will provide you as much as you desire, and you can only desire as much as you can compute, and you will cease to care about details as the expansiveness expands in your body, in your family, in your life, in your future. 

Do you remember as a child when you were almost ready to adjourn from school for the summer?  Do you remember how fresh your recesses were?  Do you remember how easy your lessons were, how effortless your homework was and how anxious you were to sleep in a bit longer and play all day?  For during this summer period, you had no limits on your joy, no limits on your creativity, no limits on your time.  You were a free, joyful child, and you eager.  With so much relief, you  stepped into your summer break.  This is the default feeling I want you to think about often.  Imagine your adult life as this is, no limits on time, no limits on creativity, no limits on play, and no need to manage details of time and resources.  Just imagine.

Please take a break here and do not read further.  This space is necessary for the restoration of your mind, body and spirit’s well BEING.

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