Thursday, March 31, 2011

Poem, A Sunny Earth Day 3-31-11

I awaken with suddenness
to the reality of now,
to see the sun shining
and palm tree's bright bough,
which glistens in sunlight
as if it were glass,
and summons my intellect
to wake up and grasp,
the newness of nature,
the sweetness of sound,
the interesting pace
of the birds and the hound.

I'm sharp and alert
as if this is all new,
yet some mornings come
and go off as in lieu,
of the lingering dreams
of important deep thoughts,
and chores and correspondence
I must connect the dots.
But what is more timely
than the beauty of now,
and the miracle of this
our Earth's daily new show?

So drop that bag,
and stand up straight.
Pay attention at once
to the time and the date,
for this will soon leave us,
and we will not know
what a sunny Earth's day
is like after we go.


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