Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Channeled Poem - Nowhere to Hide 4-6-2011

In innocence lately
I stumble upon
various circumstance
broad and stubborn.
But lightly and lengthy
my attendance demands
that all the dark energy
has reprimand,
for torturing needlessly
the weak and asleep,
all imprisoned by
introversion so deep.

Many have suffered
and many have fought
enemies within themselves
peace they have sought,
but the darkest of entities
within our dear hearts,
seeks only to defend
the soul's sensitive parts.
So just like a cancer,
this energy is,
indeed only part of us
an inwardly quiz,
of what is outside me
and what is all me,
simply mutated by
from emotions and feelings,
all which were hurt,
by others caught
wrestling with their
own lost shirt.


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