Thursday, April 7, 2011

Poem, Jealousy & Irony 4-7-2011

Part cloudy part sunny,
both doom and delight,
a love has been given
for one who deals slights,
to innocent beings
who think they can stay
with just one person everyday.

I've heckled and jabbed
at their starstruck expressions
foreseeing the difficult
snares of perfection.
As nothing stays as 
something starts, 
it always deteriorates to
competing smarts.
One thinks they are this
and the other is that,
but each only wants
what they dutifully combat.

Jealousy is coveting
what another is getting,
and the jealous soul longs for
that very strong brewing 
of desire and favoring 
they too once knew,
by the other who is seeking
to add to their stew,
of love and affection
to spice things up now,
and prolong the agony
of the monogamous show.

The person who sparked this,
the jealousy of,
did not mean to cause pain,
but supplement so,
the plodding foretelling
of their straight worn path,
and know again what it's like
to take a long bath,
in the lingering admiration,
the warm glow of wow,
am I really that much
of a prize I'm not sure?

The love and acceptance
of each is not immune,
from accepting this also
as a dutiful tune,
of high notes and low ones,
designed to hold balance,
the jealousy wrangles
our chi into talents,
to gain back the energy,
or throw in the towel.
The splitting of built dreams,
the smoothing by trowel,
of the concrete reparations
to the newly split soul.


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