Thursday, April 28, 2011

Channeled Poem: Honor the Pause 4-28-2011

I reach for the choice
I normally make,
but something stops me
a pause I must take.
The article, action or purchase is not,
what is needed after the cross
of roads we approach,
and can't turn back now,
so let loose belongings
and take no more now,
unless it connects you
with others who know
you as a true angel
or a new one man show.

The future is folded
into this day,
in disguise of free choice
and hesitant fray,
for nothing the system
says you should do,
is remotely the right choice
for the golden age tour.
Honor your pauses,
stay in the void
of action and trying
the ideas toyed,
but settle down softly
on the choice that is kind,
and lingers lightly
on your calm mind.

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