Saturday, April 30, 2011

Channel to EVE from White Cloud, 4-30-2011

You are feeling what is called the change of infinite windows.  This is what you feel when you feel between worlds or dimensions.  It is a state of bliss and isolation.  The isolation stems from the fact that you as a human are not used to being whole in yourself.  You are usually a part of a complicated matrix of social, societal, and residential perimeters.  These are falling away from our perspective, but from your perspective, it seems as if you will die if you are separated, or that you won't exist.  Rationally, you know that you will always be a spirit of consciousness, but to the human organism that you are, it is rather unsettling.  I understand this feeling of disconnect, but don't fear, dear one, your mind is sharp and with others who experience this.  Linking directly with the minds of others who are experiencing this.  You ponder the cruelty of your world as it relates to the bliss you often feel, and the impending new age of heaven on earth, or service in the higher realms, and you ask "when can I leave?" At the same time, your body is functioning at full and optimum health and vitality, so you ask "but I am not willing to give up my body, it would be at waste, wouldn't it?"  From our perspective, you are right in both counts.  Just TRUST, dear one.  Trust yourself, trust the changes are for your highest good, and trust that those drawn to you, and those around you at this time are sharing this experience with you.  Please don't be frightened, but continue to notice the beauty all around you.  Nature will balance you, your pets will ground your space, and your family will benefit indirectly from your rapid and multiple ascensions.  I trust you know ascensions are happening to you more and more rapidly, and you must welcome them as gifts, for that is what they are.  Communicate freely and without caution to your brothers and sisters of the light, for they are experiencing these changes too, and are happy to hear of commonalities of experience.

We see you contemplating the magic and eminent drastic changes of your home the earth, and we ask you to relax into trusting Earth to take you along to safety.  You know she is beholden to those of you who hold light and love for her and creation.  Also remember the unification of cosmic, earth, beings of light, warriors of light and healers on this plane.  You may drift between them at will, making your decision as to whether you want to remain in one or the other.  Openly and quickly reject and then let go of the aspects you no longer want in your reality, and bask in the glory, sweetness and delight of that which you do.  Open your heart to change, and allow your body to redevelop that which has been lost.  You are regenerating areas that have been dormant in humans for tens of thousands of years, and it is bound to feel strange.  We hope this answers your questions, and we as always, are here for questions whenever you choose peace and understanding over fear.

White Cloud

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