Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Summer of Life, message channeled to EVE 5-3-2011

It is the summer of your life. The fruits, the ease, the pleasure, the sunshine. Drink it in...bask....

The Kundalini serpent is your personal embodiment of this energy. Feed the serpent with fruit. The fruit of your labors, the deliciousness of life. The serpent is patient and will wait for you to hunt for it. Hunt pleasure, hunt joy, hunt the promise of change and in turn, the serpent (goddess energy) will renew, change, regenerate, renew, repair, give you the spirit of life....the summer of life......forever.

If you fail to hunt the fruits for your serpent, and it is forced to hunt for itself within your scope of reality, it will be ruthless in its pursuit of change and renewal. Wait not, but rather be moved to hunt yourself while the summers bounty is before you. --EVE

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