Sunday, May 8, 2011

Channeled Poem, Pearled, 5-8-2011 EVE

Opals, and rainbows and mother of pearl, painted on surfaces, veiling the rural, and softening the harshness of realities tart, as elevated consciousness pierces like darts, our membrane separated focus of mind, squeezes all kinds of options inclined, to illuminate foolish and mundane thoughts now, so further ideas and realms can be sewn round, our isolated plays and projects deferred, and coasting into the dreamlike and blurred.

Your own pearls have casted your essence more broad, than you would suspect, and the act met applause, from cosmic and light beings round you stood by, and fed your lit ecstasy light with vibes high, and tones higher pitched than normally heard, ringing beside your heart, filling your urn, with Earth's most delicious, and complex warm wine, filtering lightly through your body divine.


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