Thursday, June 16, 2011

Eve's Channel, Pleiadians on Technology and Sexuality 6-16-2011

Hello Dear Ones,

As the Pleiadian Council of Nine, filtered through Eve, we begin transmission.  We feel it is time to set straight some older beliefs and information channeled through others in the past as a representative of the Pleiadians.  As you may have read or heard about, the Pleiadians are a vast and varied race of beings, as different in scope, purpose and communication as humans, although we have a more unified consciousness than humans, but with the internet, you human beings are catching up.

The first item on the list for us to address is technology.  We feel anything your strong interest dictates where technology is concerned is for your highest good, particularly if it accelerates your ability to communicate more clearly, more often, and more globally with your brother and sisterhood.  It facilitates finding instant bonds and friendships anywhere in the world.  This is much needed.  Any of you who fear technology, are headed for a different path.  Those of you who try now to learn and frequent technologies that you have in the past not had success with, will find you will have a much easier time now.  Necessity is part of your motivation, but the user friendly qualities of most technologies are much better now.  100 fold or more easier for you to learn, use and have success with.  Just start out in the vein of communication first.  Be particular about who you network with.  They are in essence crossing a membrane into your mind and heart, so they had better be good.  Be selective.  You can literally create your new self by associating with others online who inspire, interest or provide you with information you find interesting and uplifting.  Explore, my dear ones.

The next things on the list is sexuality.  Yes, sexuality.  We know the reaction of what we write here will vary a great deal from person to person, but we are sewing seeds through Eve, and we have watched Eve herself grow through the maze of misinformation or outright lack of information on human sexuality and love.

We invite you to expand your perception or scope of what you deem appropriate sexual behavior.  We invite you to remove ownership, duty, responsibility from the equation, as these are indeed poisonous to vibrant and ever-growing sexual enjoyment and fulfillment.  We want you to explore through your own research new ways of being with other people in an open heart way.  We invite you to realize that sexual expression and release is just like having food and shelter.  It is essential you see.  There is no point in repressing or waiting for sexual release for just the right time, or just the right person.  This is energy spent towards frustration and disappointment.  You instead are invited to honestly open your heart to the cosmic vibe of sexuality.  The universal sexuality which is woven into the planet you live on, the day to day activities of plants and animals, the solar system, lunar cycles, solar cycles, and the galaxy and its interaction with other bodies in the universe as well as with other galaxies.  You see, it is micro and macro. For you to view sexuality as a biological function is to see it as either a flat and soulless phenomenon, or as the cosmos itself in the micro.  Your choice.  You are the volcano, the earthquake, the solar flare, you are the lava, the plasma, the black hole the nebula birthing stars and you are the creator of micro and macro within your own heart, which is zero point between cosmic and Earth or micro happenings.  You are the center of the figure 8.  We express these truths with great joy, and we hope it will open a portal for you to step into exploration.  We will transmit more on this later.  Good day to you loved ones.

The Pleiadian Council of 9
through Eve

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