Monday, June 13, 2011

Channel, Galactic Federation of Light, 6-13-2011

Hello Dear,
We are the ones you refer to as the galactic federation of light, broadcasting to you from La\Jolla cove. :)  You may wonder why we keep wanting you to come near, and it is for the reason of acquainting you with you maybe an eerie feeling of detachment and maybe a slight feeling of fear, as your intuition tells you things are not as they seem, and indeed not, for we are in the vicinity to prevent harm to you, but the facade of your existence is palpable, and this is what we want you to get accustomed to.  More of this is in store, as we manage our tasks in the area, and to you we bid farewell for now, but ever more are calling you near, so one day soon, you will not be surprised to be at our door, literally.  We hope this pleases you, and we are indeed going to care for you in the best ways possible for your Ascension with body to another realm of service and dear ones, we know you can't wait.  Be patient, but it is a lighter patience that is needed.  You are on the drawbridge, the plank to walk to us.  Good night, and good dreams of pertinent information! :)

The Galactic Federation of Light, La Jolla Cove

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