Monday, June 13, 2011

Channeled Poem, Burning to Ash, 6-11-2011

Around the dark mountain of shame and guilt
gallops a free horse whose loaded to the hilt
with loads of messages from all of your pasts.
Burn these old letters, burn these old notes,
for this free horse is feeling her oats,
jump on her back, tear down the lane,
never to return to this sorrow and pain.
Feeling your brightness, feeling your warmth,
feeling the treasure, the treasure of hearth,
is burning is burning is burning in flesh,
bright with red bleeding and cool in the ash.
I'm sending you messages . . . many are born
many are bleeding and many are torn
hold the meaning close to your hearts.
Into the normal and into the sane,
allow these new changes to grow and remain.

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