Monday, June 13, 2011

Channel from Gaia's Plasma Beings, 6-11-2011

"This was channeled during a meeting of light workers and channelers, and transcribed here."

Hello my dears,
We feel you are in the midst of a lot of energy here tonight.  We come from a plasma that is not unlike liquid and not unlike gel, we float like angel fish, much slower . . .much slower . . . much slower than you.  Through the vents of Gaia we come, through the vents of the deepest ocean, through the vents of all the liquids of Gaia.  We live within you as well.  We are now being activated in some of you now.  For it is with all of your lunar changes and all of your solar changes and the changes in your body that you don't understand.  You will be cleansing deep wounds.  You will be cleansing much shame, granulated emotional shame in your bodies.  You will be cleansing emotional pain from your livers.  Many of you may become ill, but know that you are not ill, know that you are being modified, because you must be purified of all this shame and guilt, to move into the next phase.  It is from other lifetimes and it is from now.  You will be in menses and you will be pregnant at the same time.
You will be aborting and you will be rebirthing at the same time.  It is a curious state of being.  There are no books written on this.  But you must look into your mythological intelligence, your spiritual intelligence, your poetic intelligence to decode these things.  Know it's always for your highest good.  It is all symbolic.  You are living a fictional reality now, that you can help write.  There is nothing to be learned from dark meanings, there is nothing to be learned from anything other than thoughts of rebirth and shedding of the old.  We are very dense and we are very hard to hear sometimes for some of you, but be patient, as we are patient.  Good day.

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