Monday, June 13, 2011

Channeled Poem, Imagined Crimes, 6-13-2011

For who is inside you
that you don't want out?
Just who is this what is this . . .
build up of clout?
The ever stockpiling of
tools in our chest
to defend us and block out
the unwanted tryst
of bullies and villains
imagined and real
who threaten our physical
bodies held dear,
but they can't destroy us
they are toothless and they
are ever more seeking
that which is grey,
that which is more than
they have in their fist,
that which is more than
their buried deep cyst,
of aggression and anger
and repression or shouts
of what we can't ever know
completely about,
for these things build up over
time and more lives,
and can't be well written,
or thought of in bites
of easily thought of
capsules of crime,
but leaking through all
of our veins in this time.

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