Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Channeled Poem, Pull on the New Cord, 6-8-2011

Step lightly onto your next dimension,
where light and sound seem to be fascination,
and new circumstances are easy to have,
just as if you accepted the offer of dance.
Take a whirl with lightness,
as if it were games,
and have new creations
instead of new shames.
Do something different
in each moment's distance,
and see it as such,
as divine assistance,
showing you options
and newness each day,
instead of the ruts you
insist to display,
to beings who watch you,
and sometimes are bored,
because you don't grab
the offered spun cord,
of endless and fruitful
variations of now,
easier to take than
to keep on in tow,
the old chain of habits
and ways you have done,
are no longer needed,
and no longer fun.

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