Monday, June 6, 2011

Channeled Poem, Two Grinding Wheels, 6-6-2011

The countless dramas written and lived,
about ownership, betrayal and innocence hid,
as the plot revolves round the damned lot who so dare
to love freely 'til sometimes children are reared,
tributaries of twisted ideals,
guilt, shame and suffering like smashed between wheels
of ever more rules and judged lives pile up,
against the free wills of true love and lust spill,
two wheels which will never stop until they come still,
to grind against one another's hub 'til they're none.
None of the good, none of the bad,
fear is born after this wretchedly sad,
experiment in dual will given to man,
and paraded past hearts and minds
like innumerable sands of lifetimes
and eons of thousands of years,
the agony won't stop until judgement soon clears,
the difference between loyalty and branching desires,
is nothing is nothing is nothing but fires,
ignited to draw away attention and love,
from the unified self and the freedom of doves,
the innocence of freedom,
the selfless true love,
streams out as it should to match what is above,
holds its vibration as beautifully as
the loyalest couples whose simplicity has,
shown a different path through the years,
but doesn't trump frequency of lust as it peers,
through drawn blinds and private time,
held by us each,
please set us free as we bite into the peach,
as vitality and sunshine draw us to the beach,
next to the ocean of immense feelings vast,
this Earth and our hearts are the same deep warm bath.

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