Saturday, June 4, 2011

Channeled Poem, Eve and Snakes 6-4-2011

More than you might wish
to know is about,
but fear is not helpful
and crippling now.
Ignore the news papers,
ignore the TV,
plug into your higher self
sit under a tree.
Pull down the knowledge
of the cosmos and light,
and pull up the library
of Gaia's close might.
She ravages the necessary
problems at hand,
and shifts to a comfortable
way to now stand,
as a new golden land
and sphere of the promised,
and Eve and snakes come out
from hiding in sonnet.
Fertility, love, and the juice
of your life,
are telling you once again
take out your knife,
and cut away all the shame,
repression and so,
bloom into beings who
we already know,
are creators and lovers
of beauty and not
the pathetic creatures
whose pose you have struck.

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