Friday, July 1, 2011

Channel, Pleiadian Council of Nine on FEMALE SEXUALITY, 7-1-2011

This transmission is to Eve, from the Pleiadian Council of Nine, for the benefit of all who read.  

Hello dear one, it is the Pleiadian Council of Nine, here to inform you and the other female warriors of light, on an important matter.  Your sovereign female sexuality located in your abdomen, womb, ovaries, and radiating out from there, is full of "others".  It is full of the needs, wants, preferences, expectations, curses, judgement,  misinformation and sludge of thousands of years.  It is time for your female sexual ascenstion to occur.  The perfect day for it too!  The eclipse of July 1, 2011.

Today we suggest an eviction of everyone but YOU from your creative, female sexual body.  We suggest you band into circles of female sisterhoods to learn, clarify, cleanse and nurture each others healing in this realm.  We have decided to provide you with "emale" instead of males.  :)  We are removing males from your sexuality during the time of this process.  The internet is how you will find each other, teach each other, attract each other and organize each other.  Women are normally shut off from each other at a line formed right in front of this topic and practice.  We open these doors, knock down the walls, break the damn of emotions, needs, tensions, longing, appetite and POWER.  

You will begin to learn, practice, teach and radiate all this NEW but actually fundamental lost information to change humanity.  Those who are not open to it will have chosen a different dimension from yours.  

For no man shall be standing outside the door, standing in front of the monitor, paying to watch, demanding to be a part of, licensing this for their benefit, marketing, selling, or taking control of this orb of creation from HERE ON OUT.  You will be in a King's school.  You are now the Queen, King, and governing body of all creation.  The mother and father of all things.  You are the nexus, the Vesica Pisces of all to come about from here on out, and you will be the sole benefactors for this learning and workshop process.  Inner and outer summer camps for women only.  :)

You will learn many things here that will be demanded and asked for by others.  You are to impart the information only to women first.  You will watch over this brood until they can fly on their own.  Then you will proceed in the most obvious direction.  We trust and accept your judgement completely  We are here to guide you, but you are the experts in human sexuality.  You have lived many lives in preparation for this, and have released all negative past experiences.  You are a new bouncing baby goddess today!  :D

You will encounter women who are in committed relationships.  You will encounter newly split couples. You will encounter those who are single and self satisfied that going solo is the way of freedom and happiness, but they still aren't sure how to have all of their needs met.  You will focus on the women.  The women.  The women.  This is not a co-ed event.  For until women become whole and sovereign in their sexuality, the sad saga of painful drama filled relationships and jealously will ensue.  So, let the healing begin.  

Human men are going to have to sit this game out for awhile as you perfect, institute, and develop wholeness and empower women.  The rest will leak out apart from your direct involvement.  Or "in-vulva-ment."  :) The men in the orbit of some of these women will be eager for details, techniques and instruction, but instead of readily spilling out everything to them (as many of you have always done in the past), you will retain, and comment to them "this is a process, and I don't have any answers for you right now"  "please allow me privacy and time to learn, process, integrate and then radiate the fruition of the entire process, not slice and dice it to pieces before it germinates within me."

This information is power.  Do not give up your power.  Withhold it, for the first time perhaps in your life/lives.
It is a sexual escrow that will be held safe and paid out at the proper time, not embezzled from prematurely.

Humor, joy, fun, sisterhood, motherhood, tribal consciousness will all be a part of this, and we are excited that you have begun.  We look on with enthusiasm and perpetual support.  Your very DNA will supply you with ideas, know how and direction.  

In nurturing light,
Pleiadian Council of Nine

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