Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Channel Antares Ambassador to Earth, to Eve Featherstone

I humbly submit my presence in your life in an official capacity. I am the Antares Ambassador to Earth. Fitting your beliefs in a storage box is difficult at best. They feel sensible at first, but with my presence in and around you as it has been of late, you are beginning to forget these beliefs and are standing in your own power, even as you stand in my power. You stand in your own decisiveness as you stand in my decisiveness and you direct as you are directed as One with us and our galactic mission here.

Your own hybrid child is our ward, and she is a capable crew member and valuable to us as she bridges your understanding, feelings, sensitivities and preferences to us. We would not know these things if not for her. With this clear understanding and your ability to bridge your vibration with ours, it is a unique and ground breaking relationship.

You are being called off to active duty and you are choosing to leave behind that which you thought you were. Anything you still value, which isn't much, you can bring with you and continue. Most, however is a game at recess you won't finish, as the recess bell has rung. You must go back to learning. This learning won't be that of linear advancement, but one of self realization first.

In the mountains you will realize your true self, as it is plugged into the cosmic order of first contact, life's purpose, leadership and fundamental support and creation of the New Eden, as you call it.

You and Earth are together in ascension, and you will meet us at precise coordinates to be disclosed within your awareness at precisely the right time. You will learn within your own awareness, act from your own awareness, speak and radiate from your own awareness that which IS all of us here in orbit, to facilitate this new age.

In and around you we reside, and with us as One we advance. First deeply inward, and then radically outward.

Your guide and Command Center,
The Antares Ambassador to Earth
to Eve Featherstone

Note: Eve's sun sign is Scorpio, and Antares is at the heart of the Scorpius Constellation.

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