Friday, October 25, 2013

Channel Antares Ambassador to Earth, to Eve Featherstone

This image drawn of hybrid child via neurosympathetic process

For as specific as we could be, we continue to use neurosympathetic means to transfer images to your paper. We do this to bypass your mind, judgement and doubt. We do this to directly communicate, rather than ask you to weigh in or complicate your thoughts pertaining to images and ways which you have no relationship to yet. You have neither seen, felt, understood, or demonstrated these new physics or visions, therefore it is best we continue to transmit these in a neurosympathetic process.

Affiliates other than you will have different experiences, but your experience as of this date are unique to us and you and we look forward to more interactive illustrations regarding hybrid children, as well as other beings with whom you will want to become familiar. The images and face to face recognition will be necessary, and we hope this makes it more seamless and more comfortable for you and yours to have a preview of that which is to come.

Completely, and with seamless integration of concepts, imagery and dialogue, we bid you a good day.

The Antares Ambassador to Earth
to Eve Featherstone

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