Sunday, October 27, 2013

Channel Antares Ambassador to Earth, to Eve Featherstone, Abide with This

Something to abide* by is this: you are among only hundreds with the same duty here. We simply do not have any more time to give you for frivolous use. That said, you have acted in accordance with our timeline which is intricately choreographed for perfection. This means you have acted, responded, adapted to perfection. Know you are incapable of anything less than being a heroine. You have crossed the boundary from one realm to another and we don't expect any more rough patches for you.

If you can imagine or own the following: your travels, endeavors, feelings, and affinity for what you want, need and crave will be directly balanced with your highest joy of creation, playing, producing and being in this new dimension. You are acting more as a crystalline being now than as a flesh and blood human as before. Your balance to function in 3D as been restored, so you need not concern yourself with the journey, further ascensions or discomfort with the new physics. You've been aligned and upgraded fully. The rest will be easy, effortless, and full of wonder. You will no longer relax, but instead be transported by your instincts, curiosity and "gamemanship".

Your duties will feel like a game. Your travels will feel like a wonderous dream. The universe will fill in the blanks for you as you go. You have everything you need. You will be where you need to be. You will be supported and in communion with us and others much more after you disconnect from the urban grid, which blocks that which will transpire in your near future. To us it is not the near future but has already happened. It will be like a surprise birthday party for you. Enjoy ALL of what Heaven and Earth have planned for you, practised for you, gifted you.

The Antares Ambassador to Earth
to Eve Featherstone

*abide - accept or act in accordance with

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