Sunday, November 3, 2013

Channel Arcturian Ambassador to Earth via Eve Featherstone

First to assert, first to alert. If you were in a position of knowing, this wouldn't be such a difficult time, but you are literally in between Earth's, in between standards, in between whole and partial dimensions.

For be it to allay* or to arouse, you are looking at multiple targets and at the same time down multiple barrels. You can't be certain of what you want and what is a pitfall. You can't be certain if there are riches to savor or if the gunpowder is just wet on your perception as it relates to action and decisiveness.

The key is to remain in the blind, in the thicket, for nothing is the target or the threat. You are a destination that all are striving to reach, however there is no need to break your cover. Do not splinter your psychic awareness away from you as projectiles, rather reserve it for your own benefit. Reserve it to embolden you as you walk in the light, for those who are meant to join with you will find you wherever you are. No need to market yourself anymore my dear child. Simply enjoy whatever situation you are in right now. Relax, enjoy, accept, release, allow.

Be the last to assert and the last to alert. Simply be sacred in demeanor, ritual, deed, and word.

Arcturian Ambassador to Earth
during transition to New Eden
via EVE Featherstone

*allay - diminish or put at rest

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