Sunday, July 10, 2011

Channeled Poem, Midsummer Day's Theme, 7-10-2011

For finishing details is not where I'm at,
and fine tuned vibration spirits me to fat,
of goddess and blossoming in all directions,
as Florentine gold leaf is divine ostentation
of original fractal embellishments of
the creator's design and the picture of love,
billowing out from inside somewhere wet,
and classified info comes out in my sweat,
as I tread lightly on the Earth's crust as if
it were delicious cinnamon toast wafting adrift
through peaceful summery light dancing through,
the gossamer threads in the woods hold mature
leafs that have fallen and twirl in the breeze,
suspended in space as much just to tease
and entertain those who are high in definition
and whose route is as loose as a daydream in mind,
billows again lightly at  thoughts are inclined.
Flourishes, paisleys and leaf patterns true as
the very consciousness we can walk through
as casually as a weekend excursion,
and returned to as often as deep introversion.

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