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Channel, Is Facebook Transdimensional? 7-10-2011

Channel, through Eve, 7-10-2011

If someone on Facebook dies, and people keep writing them, does the communication cross dimensions?

This is in response to a deceased person's Facebook page turning into a spontaneous memorial, and also the observation of the deceased person's friends continuing to express sentiments regularly.  This was not a celebrity, but rather a regular blue collar working man.

It does, indeed!  Intention is everything.  Intention is all it ever takes to communicate with us, with angels, and yes, with those who have passed.  The vibration first needs to be raised, but the heart chakra, in times of strong emotion, is capable of raising the vibration of the individual human to a level sufficient for communication with higher forms of consciousness, and those who are non-physicals, such as those who have passed.  When the heart sends out strong messages, they easily reach many dimensions and are beneficial to all beings of light, physical and non-physical. Their oversoul is broad enough to be in many dimensions at once, just as yours is right now.  Only a small part of your oversoul is involved in 3D Earth, in 2011, as you read this.  So, we say to you, ask not if this person’s soul receives the message, but broaden your perspective, to see how Facebook causes good things, such as supporting a restaurant you like, a cause you like, complimenting living people . . . just think how powerful this is.  These sentiments would go largely unexpressed if it weren’t for the person’s Facebook page.  Facebook is drawing out you humans.  It is drawing you out of your mind, and expanding your consciousness.  Much of your life now is dedicated to your presence on Facebook, so is it really about Facebook?  Is it really about projecting what and how you want to be viewed?  What and how you want others to see you?  Are you in fact MORE about your Facebook page than you are in everyday 3D life?  Does Facebook make you more multidimensional by actively taking part?  Don’t you see how those who fear Facebook are blunted to expansion?  Don’t you see their privacy isn’t WORTH protecting?  You gain far more by sharing than by hiding, and we could really go on and on about his topic. 

How does Facebook communication effect the soul who has passed?

It radiates the best of what they gave to 3D earth.  So, in effect, it is the essential fruit of why they were here, what this lifetime yielded, and it draws these positive qualities out of the people who express them on the page.  It takes these characteristics, these quotes, these sentiments and draws them out of wherever they were hidden and out to the surface, out into the shared consciousness.  4th density is the shared consciousness of Earth.  Whatever is radiated into this, especially from the heart chakra, is of extreme value to raising the vibration of the earth to be more what people in their heart want the Earth to be like.  Facebook, the internet, encourages these heart chakra sentiments to be realized, brought to the surface and expressed.  This will bring all of you into the “golden age” much quicker.  The tiny steps of ascension are going much quicker in this way. 

We don’t intend to be vague about this matter, but if we haven’t answered any specific question on this, it is because the person asking is focused on the snapshot of that soul as it was in a blink of an eye, here on Earth from date x to date y.  That isn’t who or what this person was.  It is just the score of the game they played here, and if seeds or fruits have grown in others, then they did well during the game.  Facebook at or on any given day is merely a snapshot of anyone, but we feel, an important, and positive expression of what it means to be human.  Your relationships are easily sorted by how much you enjoy someone’s input and also, easily and routinely culled as needed.  A murky atmosphere of “extras” in the cast are allowed to orbit the human entity, as a blanket or atmosphere of security, and most are not interacted with.  This is perfectly fine.  It allows connections, spur of the moment expressions or queries, and is in general indicative of the inventory of consciousness, choices, vibrations, and levels of consciousness we allow in our game each day.  Contrast this with the Victorian calling cards, notes, telegrams, letters, and formal parlors of yesteryear.  It is much quicker, accurate and less contrived, is it not?  Is it not more about the now?  Can we not more readily draw upon a web of consciousness, or rather a grid of social consciousness to feed us?  A web that stands ready each morning to awaken us with input and joy, and at night satisfies our curiosity and sends us off into the third eye Facebook as we sleep. 

Who are you?

We are Quintessential Beings of Whole and True Life, we are 5th density beings you refer to as Arcturians. 
Be well, be in spirit, dear ones.

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