Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Channel, Daily Memo from EVE, 7-6-2011

In your realm, there are may finite understandings.  However, you don't have very many infinite understandings. Your best representation is in the way you represent the infinite through fractal images.  Imagery is the best way in which we can communicate to you, and we can do this best when your eyes are closed and you are seeing through your third eye.  Many do not have their third eye activated appropriately, and so it is very difficult or impossible to communicate with them.  You humans very often don't believe what you "see" with your third eye.

What we wish to communicate here is the idea that you are in for a ride, dear human, and there is no way for us to prepare you for it totally, but you have become accustomed to change.

Allowing and the details of what we want you to know now, are actually very broad ideas for you.  To you they are are broad, to us, they are details.  That said, let's finish this thought by stressing the need for you to ALLOW, TRUST, and be adaptable.  Take great joy in your adaptability.  This is where you will run down the hill on the path to the big view.  You will easily and quickly go from where you are to where you need to be.  Without keeping score, keeping time, calculating, just become adaptable to what your circumstances are each day, guided by your feelings, and the many opportunities or gifts which are presented to you daily from your guides.

Trust your own guidance when it comes to your physical health.  Trust your feelings as a step by step guide to decisions, clarifying your daily environment, as well as providing yourself with as much joy, play, and interacting with those who you are exhilarated by.   At other times, unusual isolation will feel best, and this too is necessary to calibrate your grasp on the changing vibrations, polarities and shifts in your normal routines.

We are beings of light known to you as the guides who are most active within EVE.  Please accept this input for you and your readers.

Good day.

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