Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Channeled Poem, Yield of the Quest, 7-20-2011

Satisfied truly with the eventual outcomes,
but wondering how the equation was solved from
a complete lack of knowing and no way to tell
how each individual's husk after shell,
will reveal a true angel or mealy sad rot,
and the visual cues cannot truly be taught.
Our only defense is a heart that is pure,
and the worst idea is visual blurs
of what they want to project as themselves
and what light they truly reveal I'm not sure,
but what I am sure of is how I do feel,
and this is a compass which simply will peel
the coating of culture, the cloak of the charm,
the mixed up intentions of people's hearts yearn,
for what they don't know yet, and you sure couldn't see
but the gauge of the aftermath inside you will be.
The feel of your center, just under your chest,
the unpolluted yield of the quest.

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